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Accounting Made Easy

QuickBooks from Intuit makes it so easy to control all of your accounting functions.  It also includes the ability to accept all major charge cards.  UPS and FedEx shipping are also integrated and shipments can be processed with a simple click.  As all operations are integrated, end of year tax time becomes a real simple process.  Just run an "Accountants Copy" and give to your CPA.  Once the CPA has finished, you simply import the Accountants Copy back into your QuickBooks file.  You can keep using QuickBooks while the CPA is working on the Accountants Copy and then when you import it all files will be merged.  So there is no downtime during the process. 


The newest version of QuickBooks is called Enterprise.  Enterprise now uses a SQL database.  It has no limit on how many customers, vendors or products it will allow.  It can also be run on a remote server so that multiple users can logon from remote locations, all at the same time.  Start with either QuickBooks Pro or Premier and as your business grows you can migrate to Enterprise.  Migration is very simple.